At Indicium Dynamics
we find ways to make data meaningful.

With our combined knowledge and expertise, we can help make your data accessible, meaningful and easy to understand.

Hybrid Applications

Expand your reach with applications built to work on multiple device platforms. We use Apache Cordova to produce rich HTML5 applications.

Software Design

Good clean design to make sure your solutions last the tests of time. We design systems for high availability and performance.

Systems Integration

Bridging systems together can be a daunting task at the best of times, especially industrial systems to contemporary information technology. Our platforms and experience can make it easy.


Cloud Solutions

Leverage Amazon Web Services or Azure to deliver high performance, high availability solutions. We can build, deploy and manage your solution.

Internet of Things

What would the internet be without things? The value is in the data and how it can be analysed, distributed and acted upon.

Data Analysis

Value add to your data with automated analysis and reporting. Discover the trends and find the solutions. Make your data work for you.

Our Management Team

As a diverse team of engineers and researchers, we can provide a unique perspective to solving issues.

Martin Pieterse

Martin is our CTO with over 18 years' experience working on integration projects for a variety of multinational companies. Martin also has the longest beard in the company!

Mike Ross

Mike is the founder and CEO of Indicium Dynamics with more than 17 years’ experience in designing and building complex and critical IT systems. Mike has specialised in the development of high-availability and high-use systems, and has been working with time-series-based information for the majority of his career.

Dr Sophie Clark

Sophie is the Company Secretary of Incidium Dynamics. With a PhD in Business Management and a career in research, she provides Indicium Dynamics with a unique perspective to how we analyse and deliver solutions.

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At Indicium Dynamics, we believe in ensuring your data is reliable, accessible and easy to understand! Contact us for your customised data management solution.

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